The Ironman Challenge
~Windhill challenges you to take on the Ironman Challenge!  It is served on a 16" Pizza tray with a dozen egg omelette (mushrooms, onions and cheese) covered in chili and more cheese.  An unhealthy portion of American fries, (sliced potatoes) and two biscuits are also served with the challenge.  

~You will have one hour to devour and conquer this challenge, with no breaks to use the bathroom or go outside.
~If you succeed, it is only $1.99 and you will get a t-shirt, as well as your name and time on the winner's ~plaque.
~If you are not so fortunate, this heaping mound of food will cost you $25.00 plus tax.
Thus far, we have had 22 winners out of 200 attempts.
That is about a 11% success rate.​​​​​​​​​​​​​